Although the major part of paediatrics involves the care of children with acute problems such as infections, injuries and emergencies such as asthma attacks and seizures etc, there are a number of facets unique to the speciality.

Paediatricians monitor the growth, physical and psychological development of babies and children by carrying out routine checks at important stages in the childs’ life, with the aim of identifying problems at an early stage and dealing with such problems. In the older child, consideration of their school performance will also be of interest.

Behavioral problems are also the realm of the paediatrician, with sleep problems, eating problems, temper tantrums and such like being dealt with. At the clinic we have the luxury of our own very experienced child psychiatrist Dr Samaa who has extensive knowledge and skills in the field.

Diagnosis and on-going care of children with special needs such as cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and other genetic conditions are the remit of the paediatrician.

One of the most important aspects of child care is the provision of vaccine services. Vaccines have transformed the health of children worldwide. The clinic is licensed by the Dubai Health Authority as a a Vaccine Accredited Clinic and offer a full vaccine service.

At the clinic we offer a comprehensive paediatric primary care service offering gentle, compassionate, knowledgeable care to our thousands of little patients. We also can arrange referral to trusted sub-specialist colleagues here and abroad.